Donita Nose, natuwa nang tawaging Pambansang Beshy ng netizens

Super Tekla’s controversy with his ex-partner, Michelle Bana-ag, got really messy and ugly due to their accusations against each other.

Fortunately, Tekla’s close friend, Donita Nose, was able to inspire a lot of people amidst this scandal.

The comedian defended Tekla’s reputation, gave him pieces of advice, cleaned his condominium unit, helped him shop for new items, and comforted him in the middle of his ordeal.

For these reasons, Donita has been tagged by netizens as the new “Pambansang Beshy” for being loyal towards Tekla even if the latter was getting bashed and humiliated online.

According to Donita, he appreciates being called “Pambansang Beshy.”

“Nakakatuwa ang pagsabihan ka ng Pambansang Beshy,” Donita posted on Facebook.

A couple of posts also appeared on his Facebook timeline that show netizens praising Donita’s loyalty and dedication towards his friend and colleague.

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