Super Tekla gets emotional seeing his condo unit’s makeover by Donita Nose

Super Tekla and his friend, Donita Nose, have uploaded a new episode of their vlog on YouTube.

We learned that the new vlog episode shows the drastic makeover of Tekla’s condominium unit.

The previous episode shows the said condo unit looking dirty, chaotic and messy, with Tekla saying that his ex-partner, Michelle, and his other housemates refused to clean their home.

Fortunately, Donita and their friends cleaned the condo unit to the best of their ability and bought new items for the house using the donation from an anonymous person.

After seeing the result of the makeover, Super Tekla got emotional and hugged his loyal friend. He said that although he is now alone after Michelle left him, he is happy that he still has a friend like Donita.

Here is Tekla and Donita’s brand new vlog episode:

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