Agot Isidro replies to "Incredible Hulk" to send donations to the Office of the Vice President

Avengers' "Incredible Hulk" actor Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter and appealed for prayers for the Filipino people as Typhoon Rolly was about to hit the country.

The tweet came after another Twitter user tweeted about how Typhoon Rolly is about to slam PH and also noting the strength of the typhoon.

Aside from prayers, the actor also asked to please send donations.

In reply to his tweet, actress Agot Isidro said the following:

"Please send donations to the Office of Vice President @lenirobredo Thank you!"

A number of netizens rallied behind Agot and also asked the actor to send donations to the Office of the Vice President.

"Yes, our Vice President @lenirobredo is hardworking and most important of all HONEST. The donations coursed to her office will surely flow to those affected by the typhoon. Thank you for praying for the Philippines [Folded hands]"

"Yes please. Send it directly to their office. It will surely reach the needy."

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