Mister at Menor de Edad na Kabit, Nagmakaawa Matapos Mahuli ni Misis sa Bahay Mismo Nila!

For a woman, nothing is ever more painful than getting cheated on by your loved one. The betrayal especially hurts when you discover that your partner is taking his mistress home. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happened to this wife. In the end, she got the last laugh after giving the mistress a dose of her own medicine.

The enraged wife, Chin Chin Madriaga, discovered that her husband had been having an affair with another woman. Apparently, the mistress was an underage school girl.

As if that’s not disturbing in itself, Chin Chin even discovered proof that her husband and his lover was meeting at their own house!

On Facebook, the legit wife claimed that she saw photos of her husband and the woman having intercourse in their home. Apparently, he takes his lover home whenever his wife and kids are out. This prompted Chin Chin to post their photos on social media.

“Huli pero di ko kayo ipapa-Tulfo. Maganda ka na sana eh, kaso mas inatupag mo pang magpa-araro sa iba kesa mag-aral. Nakakaawa mga magulang mo iha,” wrote the legit wife on Facebook.

Following the outrage, the mistress sent a message to the legal wife and begged for her to take down the Facebook post. According to the teenage girl, her father will be angry with her after finding out about the issue. In spite of this, the legit wife is determined on humiliating them.

As of writing, the said post had already garnered more than 103,000 reactions on Facebook. However, shortly after, the post suddenly disappeared. It’s not known whether the wife deleted it, or if it was taken down by Facebook due to massive reporting.

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