94-year-old mother of Lola Sonya weeps as she visits wake of daughter, apo

The 94-year-old mother of Lola Sonya, Carmen Rufino went to visit the wake of her daughter, Sonya Gregorio, and her grandson, Frank Anthony Gregorio, as found on ABS-CBN's post below.

The old woman was already in a frail state but one could see the grief on her face as she leans on other family members.

As they say, it is painful to lose a mother or a father but the pain of a mother losing a child may be unbearable.

In this case, Lola Carmen lost not only her daughter but her grandson as well, two family members in just one single strike.

The victims, Lola Sonya Gregorio and Frank Anthony were shot by Jonel Nuezca point-blank, within their compound due to an argument over a "boga."

The suspect voluntarily surrendered to the police and is now under their custody.

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