Alfred Vargas certain his name will be cleared from corruption issue

Following the president’s disclosure of the list of politicians alleged to be involved in the issue of corruption, Congressman Alfred Vargas defended himself as being one of those mentioned.

According to an article from PEP, the Quezon City 5th District Representative released a statement about the controversy. He stated that Pres. Duterte himself mentioned that no solid evidence has been found and having been mentioned in the list does not necessarily mean those names are already guilty.

“The President himself stated ‘there is no solid evidence’ and ‘mentioning of names is not an indictment.’ I am certain that I will be cleared,” he said.

The actor-politician also said that he is willing to cooperate in an investigation just to clear his name.

Having been a public servant for twelve years, Vargas also emphasized that his intention in serving is pure.

The congressman also believes that his political detractors are behind the issue. He said that it seems like the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission or PACC has been misinformed.

“Mukha pong napadalhan ang PACC ng maling inpormasyon ng mga nakakalaban natin sa pulitika,”

Aside from Vargas, there are other representatives who have been mentioned in the PACC list.

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