Derek Ramsay says he will find the right one; Andrea deserves better

Netizens would not let the Kapuso actor go easily. From comments questioning his gender identity, Derek got another remark about how he cannot stay with one woman.

It started when the actor posted a photo of him flexing his muscle-toned upper torso. He captioned it with:

“Labas nalang natin ang galit sa bortawan!!! #echoslang @galibearstravel”

Many liked the post, but there were also those who took the opportunity to speak up their thoughts about his failed relationships, especially after his controversial breakup with Andrea Torres.

One follower commented that the actor has a great body, but no woman stays with him for too long.

The actor replied to this by saying that someday he can find the right woman for him.

“ill find the right one dear.” he said.

Another netizen responded and asked Derek if it means Andrea is not the right one. The actor just replied that his former leading lady deserves someone better.

“no she deserves better.”

Derek and Andrea’s relationship lasted for more than a year. Many expected that they would be marrying each other soon since they were vocal about it. They were both accepted by each other’s family already.

For that reason, many were shocked when they confirmed their breakup last November. No issue was heard about them prior to that.

Derek clarified that no third party was involved in their breakup. She also defended the actress from bashers saying maybe there is something wrong with her.

“There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman.” Derek said.

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