Ella Cruz and Gardo Versoza's "Ariana Grande" video goes viral

Ella Cruz and Gardo Versoza's dance video has gone viral, and it is not hard to see why.

Both Ella and Gardo made a great tandem as they danced the 34 + 35 song of Ariana Grande.

The video started with Ella, then Gardo came into the picture.

It would seem that Gardo was the one who caught all the attention as he was the one who was wearing heels and was moving to the max to the music.

Of course, netizens loved them and the video was quickly shared on social media.

"sana c julian din po plithhconvince him naman miloves.."


"Meow awww!!!!!!"

"those thigh"

"Go idol machete"

Watch the video below:

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