Heartbroken Kuya punches fellow passengers, destroys jeepney on Valentine's Day

A man named Zaldy Buena was arrested after he punched the passengers inside a jeepney in Caloocan City. This was reported by Darlene Cay of Unang Balita on Monday.

The incident happened on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 14, Valentine's Day.

Aside from punching other passengers, he also destroyed the windshield of the jeepney and also broke two side mirrors.

At the precinct, he said, "Wala, talagang zero lang, problema sa pag-ibig, ganun. Walang ka-date eh."

The driver of the jeepney, Nestor Jasmin, said that the man landed punches on passengers without provocation.

When they have already alighted, it was then that the suspect took a pipe and smashed the windshield and side mirrors.

Jeepneys are part of the Philippine culture and stories concerning passengers as well as the drivers always have the tendency to go viral.

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