Derek Ramsay, sinabing handa siyang pakasalan si Ellen Adarna

Derek Ramsay talked about his romance with Ellen Adarna in an exclusive interview with G3 San Diego on Mega.

During the interview, Derek said he is excited to get married one day and would not have a problem getting married as soon as possible.

The actor said that compared to his past relationships, he has never been as in love as he is right now with Ellen.

According to Derek, there is never a dull moment with Ellen because she is fun, authentic, and an alpha like him.

“I’ve always thought I want to get married. I know I want to get married… Kung pwede nga bukas, bukas na eh!”

“I’m not afraid to let my feelings go right away because before baka hindi, baka hindi, baka hindi, kalma ka lang. That chemical reaction I told you, it’s like the first time I’ve felt it! And it’s like, WOW! What is this?

“I was blindsided. Super blindsided… I think she’s the one. And I say it’s gonna happen quick,” Derek told Mega.

Derek and Ellen confirmed three days ago in an exclusive report by that they have been dating for a month already.

They tried to deny at first that there was something romantic going on between them but the rumors persisted because they were constantly seen spending time with each other.

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