Anak ni Claire dela Fuente, nagsalita na: "Cardiac arrest na resulta ng stress at labis na pag-aalala"

Gigo de Guzman, in an exclusive interview with MJ Felipe, revealed the exact cause of death of his mom.

He said that his mom was COVID-19 positive, and he is also positive for the same.

"My mom died from cardiac arrest, believed to be a result of her stress and anxiety."

"My mom has anxiety, hypertension and diabetes."

"Her tendency to worry, to stress a lot, led her to weaken and in her sleep her heart gave out."

"Yesterday, she was fine, got to speak to her, got to argue with her for one last time."

Claire recently took the limelight after her son, along with their friends were dragged into the Christine Dacera case.

Claire Dela Fuente is an OPM singer in the Philippines. She earned the title, "Asia's sweetest voice." She also popularized "Minsan, Minsan", "Nakaw na Pag-ibig" at "Sayang."

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