Bangka ng ABS-CBN News team, hinabol ng barkong Tsina kahit ito ay nasa EEZ

Chiara Zambrano, tried to visit the Pinoys in the Ayungin Shoal to check on them but Chinese vessels prevented it from happening.

"Hindi kami nakalapit sa Ayungin Shoal, papunta pa lang kami doon ay may lumapit nang puting barko."

"Dumederetso, makikita namin sa lente, papunta sa direksyon namin yung puting barko."

"Mamaya pa kabayan ay nag-radyo ito at sa salitang Ingles, ay tinatanong kung sino kami at ano ang ginagawa nila, namin sa lugar na iyon."

Thereafter, the one navigating the boat, opted to turn back, ABS-CBN reported.

What scared them was that even though they were already turning back and making their way to mainland, the white Chinese vessel kept on following them for almost an hour.

It was Coast Guard ship 5101.

When it ceased following them, two smaller missile boats went after the ABS-CBN team. While they were smaller, they were faster.

Chia Zambrano, the one who reported the incident noted that they were within the exclusive economic zone.

She also said that they went there to check on the Pinoy fishermen, to find out their fears, and they experienced the aggression firsthand.

She further said that it is the Filipinos who should take advantage of the EEZ because the natural resources within the territory of the Philippines must be meant for the Philippines.

The Philippines has an exclusive economic zone that covers 2,263,816 km2 (874,064 sq mi). It claims an EEZ of 200 nautical miles (370 km) from its shores.

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