Nayari na! Ivana Alawi prank goes wrong; nakita tuloy ang tunay na pagkatao

Ivana Alawi planned an elaborate prank for her sister and mother about the vlogger’s supposed purchase of a Lamborghini worth 11.5 million.

Aside from conspiring with a friend who deals in high-end cars, Ivana also conspired with her brother, Hashim, to execute the prank.

Contrary to what Ivana expects, however, her sister Mona is not at all happy with Ivana’s purchase.

At a very young age, Mona lamented that 11.5 million pesos for a car is too expensive, and the money that Ivana used to purchase it can be used instead to help other people in amid the pandemic.

Despite exerting all her best to convince her sister to be happy with the new car, Mona kept on telling Ivana that she shouldn’t have bought it.

Finally, Ivana revealed it was all a prank and then proceeded to also trick their mom about the purchase.

Unlike her sister, Fatima, her mom, not only disapproved of the decision of Ivana in getting a Lamborghini, but also became very upset with her daughter.

She said it’s not right to buy anything expensive during the pandemic. Fatima tried to convince her daughter to return the car, prompting Ivana to call the supposed dealer of the Lamborghini.

Ivana was told that they might accept the car but they wouldn’t be able to refund her the entire amount and that their best offer is 50% of the price. Fatima scoffed at the idea and threatened she’s going to take the case to Raffy Tulfo.

Finally, Ivana revealed it was all a prank, earning her a strong slap on her bottom and a smack on her head.

With this newest prank of Ivana, it shows that her family has deep-seated good values and concern for everyone around them. It also revealed that all of them have a heart for the less-fortunate and would rather help others than buy expensive things.

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