Pokwang lambasts dolomite project in Manila: "Aksaya ng pera!"

Pokwang has been very open and frank when it comes to the things that she dislikes about the government.

She has been posting her feelings towards vaccinations and the government response to the pandemic.

Now, with a new "fresh dose" of dolomite, Pokwang fired at the government again.

She retweeted a tweet made by GMA News, which stated, "Scientists’ group says ‘dolomite’ project like throwing money into sea."

Pokwang said:

"Kahit hindi ka scientist kung bukas ang mata at isip mo kitang kita ang pag aaksaya ng pera sa dolomite!! Ok passookkk… #anoscripttoday #anoambagmo #daminyokuda #artistakalang #angbobomo #maglutokanalang hahaaahaaaha."

Pokwang is a Fiipino actress. She is a comedienne and an endorser too. She currently has two daughters.

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