Derek Ramsay, nais nang tuldukan ang isyu sa breakup nila ni Andrea Torres: "Ikakasal na ako"

Derek Ramsay now wants the issues of his breakup with Andrea Torres to come to an end.

The actor reiterated his previous statements in a recent interview with GMA.

He said that he has always been honest, and that he has given also the details.

Again, he said that he is not saying that Andrea is the one who was at fault, but rather, it was simply a difference in values.

He also said that he was not saying that his values were better than hers or that hers were better than his, except that they just don't want to change each other.

As an end note, he said that he simply wanted to put an end to it, now that he is in a relationship and is getting married.

"Siguro nabanggit ko na kasi parang gusto ko nang matahimik na lang eh. Kasi I'm in a relationship now, I'm getting married. It is hard to believe na I am getting married," said the actor.

"So I just want that all over and done with. I wake up every morning to all this stuff, 'di ba, about 'that.' And I guess I want to put it to rest para matapos na," he added.

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