Jam Magno to her ‘pikon’ bashers: “walang mga gawa kaya natatalo”

Jam Magno once again posted on Facebook to take a swipe at her bashers on social media.

The influencer received backlash for criticizing and insulting Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo.

According to Jam, she sleeps well and remains chill despite having lots of bashers online.

She added that even if she does not force people to watch her videos and read her posts, many of her bashers have become her followers.

Jam also urged people to focus on more important matters like helping the people affected by the Typhoon Crising and the Philippine General Hospital fire.

“Good Morning Philippines! Slept really well last night and got so many messages of support from people it’s actually so overwhelming! Thank you for defending me even if I didn’t ask you to.

“And please think I am not bothered by bashers who lose sleep over me. Pikon lang po ang talo, I am not bothered by people who fight with a fake Twitter profile because while they are busy making me trend I went to bed early. Hihi.

“Pwede naman pong di niyo ako panoorin, basahin at pakinggan pero ayan naging taga-sunod ko na kayo. Eh normal lang naman ako na tao di ko naman pinipilit ang opinyon ko sa kahit na kanino. Ni magtag nga na ifollow at share niyo ako di ko ginagawa. Nag Good Morning nga lang ako kahapon sa Pilipinas 1.2 Million views agad.

“My profiles are still here and I just feel fine. So again it has been proven puro lang talaga salita and walang mga gawa kaya natatalo. Kaya mas mabuti talagang tawanan at tulugan ang mga ganyan. Sanay na ako at di na bago sa akin ang mga ganyan. Di rin naman niya yan ikauunlad at mas lalong di yan ikakayaman ko.

“Let’s all get back to our daily grind today. There are bills to pay, responsibilities to focus on and work to be done for others.

“Typhoon Crising is upon parts of Caraga and even Davao Region too. The PGH still needs help after the fire that affected so many newborn babies. JPE and PRRD spoke last night about some issues that I hope many of you tuned it to watch. But of course if you’re a negatron you wouldn’t be able to absorb any of that.

“And lastly, we will be resuming Tuk-Hat activities after we raise the money to help 500 Families again (511 was the last count from last month) Figured I will aim for 500 Families for my Birthday this year after I helped only 300 from last year! Bringing my total to 6,000 families helped by our team by the first week of June. This is Team Way Reklamo,” Jam posted on Facebook.

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