Jinkee Pacquiao lauds Manny Pacquiao for setting up a meeting with her favorite Korean actor, Ji Chang-wook

Jinkee Pacquiao recently gave an interview for her friend, Dr. Vicki Belo's YouTube channel. Jinkee made several revelations over the course of the interview mostly about her husband, Senator Manny Pacquiao.

She also candidly revealed how much of a fan she was of the South Korean actor Ji Chang-wook and admitted to using his merchandise. She also shared that Manny was quite supportive of her fangirling.

"'Yun ang inuunan ko, hina-hug ko. Yung picture niya sa unan. Si Manny okay lang.

According to Jinkee, the boxing legend had even surprised her on her birthday while they were vacationing in South Korea, by setting up a meeting with her favorite actor.

"Meron na pala siyang kausap na i-mimeet ko si Ji Chang-wook sa isang hotel kami, sa dinner"

Jinkee expressed her appreciation for her husband for being supportive and orchestrating things to make sure she meets her fave actor.

You can watch the full video here:

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