Ogie Diaz on Jam Magno's comment regarding Rabiya Mateo's yellow gown: "Ay ang bobo"

Ogie Diaz uploaded another vlog on his YouTube channel to talk about the pageant, Miss Universe, and of course, Miss Universe Philippines, Rabiya Mateo with Mama Loi.

In the video, Ogie commented on netizens' opinions regarding the issues about Rabiya Mateo's national costume.

When Mama Loi informed Ogie about a negative comment that an influencer made about Rabiya Mateo, the comedian could not help but react unfavorably to the ignorant remark.

The influencer who made the comment is none other than Jam Magno who is widely known for her inflammatory and controversial comments on social media.

About a month ago, Jam bashed Ogie Diaz on social media thereby starting a feud between the two. Once again, Ogie has decried the influencer's behavior.

Jam had mistakenly used the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines to criticize Rabiya which did not sit well with Ogie. In the video, the comedian straight up said, "Ay ang bobo!"

Meanwhile, netizens have been roasting the influencer over at Twitter for not supporting Rabiya Mateo and for her erroneous statement.

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