Gerald Anderson, binisita si Julia Barretto sa kanyang lock-in taping sa viral vlog

Gerald Anderson has made sure to see his girlfriend, Julia Barretto, even though the latter is in her lock-in taping.

On Thursday, June 3, we learned that Gerald released a vlog entitled, 'My First Long Motorcycle Ride' up on his channel.

In the vlog, Gerald included a clip where he visited Julia despite not being able to be close with her due to the pandemic.

Moreover, JuRald fans have also been swooning over several video clips of the two from when Gerald visited Julia.

In one of the clips, Gerald could even be spotted giving a flying kiss to Julia. In another clip, Gerald was also seen just staring at Julia as the latter kept on waving goodbye to him.

This prompted a lot of JuRald fans to scream and say "sana all" towards the said viral videos.

Watch the videos below:

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