Julia Barretto, ginamit pa rin ang apelyido ni Dennis Padilla sa kontrata sa Viva

Julia Barretto is still using her father's family name during her contract signing with Viva Artists Agency in September 2020.

An article found in Pika Pika, written by Anna Pingol, stated that their reliable source revealed that Julia Barretto still used her father's family name, which is Baldivia, when she signed the contract.

As per ABS-CBN, Julia Francesca Baldivia is still the name that Julia Barretto carries in signing all contracts, including her endorsements, which is why, as per the report, there may be no reason for Dennis Padilla to feel bad.

There is also no news as to whether she and her family would still pursue their move to have Dennis Padilla's family name changed or removed from the name of the actress.

In Julia Barretto's now-deleted vlog where she talked to her father, she said,

"You question why you feel like nobody’s responding, not knowing how much pain and hurt you’ve caused us before trying to talk to us. That’s why you couldn’t hear from us. We were already too pained, too scared of you."

At present though, a vlog by Ogie Diaz revealed that the one-on-one interview of Julia Barretto with her father, Dennis Padilla, which was uploaded on YouTube has already been made private.

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