Julia Barretto, walang arteng nagkamay sa mukbang vlog ng kaibigan ni Gerald Anderson

Julia Barretto has recently been featured over at Joe Vargas and Bianca Yanga's channel, Meet Joe Bianx.

On Saturday, June 5, we learned that the couple, who is good friends with Gerald Anderson, featured Julia for their mukbang video.

For their mukbang video, the trio ate some classic Filipino foods like Pork Barbecue, Fried Itik, Crispy Pata, and Ensalada.

Throughout the video, netizens were in awe of Julia as she ate with Joa and Bianca using their bare hands.

Aside from this, netizens noticed how 'kalog' Julia was with Gerald's close friends, even cracking jokes with them in the video.

The said vlog also prompted a lot of JuRald fans to request for a 'double date' mukbang edition featuring Gerald Anderson.

Watch the video below:

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