Julia Barretto's Twitter account has been deleted after getting hacked

Julia Barretto's Twitter page has been deactivated amid the current issue surrounding the Kapamilya actress.

The actress took to her other social platform to simply inform her followers that her Twitter account has been unfortunately hacked. Julia's former Twitter handle @BarrettoJulia has now been acquired by a different individual who has since made it a fan page for the actress.

As of now, Julia has yet to provide any details on what happened with her account. Nevertheless, the actress remains active on her other social media platforms.

However, it is worth mentioning that Julia has limited who can comment on her Instagram posts after facing criticisms from netizens due to several videos and pictures of the actress eating a Filipino street food called 'isaw'.

The uproar regarding this particular issue was due to the fact that the actress has previously claimed in a recent YouTube vlog she did with her boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, that she has never eaten this particular street food before. Naturally, netizens called out the actress due to the whole brouhaha.

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