Video ng customer na nagreklamo sa kinaing chickenjoy bilang prank, viral na

A customer of Jollibee has yet again made headlines on social media with their latest video upload about the store's iconic chickenjoy.

On Sunday, June 6, we learned that Facebook user, Lucky Mercado, uploaded a video of himself looking for the branch's manager after eating the chicken.

Upon meeting the manager, Lucky asked her to check the chicken they served him with, "Tina-try niyo ba pagkain niyo?"

Lucky then went on to take a bite out of his chickenjoy while the manager watched before he pranked them, "Ang sarap! Sobrang sarap ng pagkain niyo."

The manager then laughed, turning away from the camera for a moment before stating she got nervous.

"Grabe, kinabahan ako," she said. At the end of the video, Lucky went on to share his two cents regarding the issues circulating around Jollibee.

"Yung tao nga nagkakamali, bubuyog pa kaya," he jokingly said.

Watch the video below:

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