Vlogger na si Sassa Gurl, may pabirong babala kina Barbie Forteza at Jak Roberto

Popular vlogger and Internet sensation Sassa Gurl is taking on Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto in an attempt to dislodge the famous celebrity couple from news headlines.

Using the social media platform TikTok, the vlogger showed a news article about his first acting project with “Wish Ko Lang” and said he will be famous soon.

“Oh, ‘di ba? So, ito na nga. Na-feature ako sa GMA Network. Lagooooot! ‘Di ba? Hindi n’yo kaya. May balita na sa ‘kin,” Sassa Gurl declared in her video.

He then issued a warning to celebrity couple Jak and Barbie saying their days as “headline huggers” are coming to an end as he will be taking over soon

“So, naaalala n’yo ‘yung news kay Barbie Forteza at saka Jak Roberto, na laging pinopost ng GMA Network,” Sassa Gurl said.

He added that the celebrity couple should tremble now because it will now be him that will hug the headlines.

“Kabahan na kayo Barbie Forteza at Jak Roberto dahil ako na. Ako na ang binabalita ng GMA. Lagot!” the Internet star said.

Obviously, the Internet sensation is just kidding as he considers himself as one of the JakBie fans.

In fact, when Barbie heard the explosive warning of the Internet sensation, pretended she was shocked and she also posted a reply on Tiktok, where she displayed facial reactions in response to Sassa Gurl.

Barbie also captioned her post “LAGOT!!! Go gurl!” Lest people would think he was serious, Sassa Gurl posted a “public apology” where she called Barbie “diyosa ng GMA.”

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