Xia Vigor, eredera sa murang edad; may 14 na bahay na mamanahin sa ama sa Inglatera

Xia Vigor is not just a pretty face with great talents, but she is also an heiress who is set to inherit several properties in England.

In Okayy.net, it revealed that Xia is slated to inherit 14 houses, as she is bound to inherit them.

In an old interview, the child actress also showed how smart she really is.

She answered questions as if she was an adult, making sense out of the queries that were thrown her way.

She revealed that she initially wanted to be a weightlifter and a salon girl, however, she changed her mind eventually.

Xiamara Sophia Vigor best also known as "Xia", is a British-Filipino child actress and TV host in the Philippines. She was the grand winner of It's Showtime's segment, Mini Me 2 as mini Selena Gomez.

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