Cebu Madam donya sa viral video ng lechon package, nag-file ng kaso laban kay supplier

A Facebook user named Marjorie A. Alison took to Facebook and uploaded a video of a donya, maria Amy Fortilina, in Cebu.

She did not want to pay Marjorie, because for her, the P18k food package that arrived at her home was only worth P5k.

Alison insisted that they already ate the food and that P5k is way below the food cost.

It could also be seen that the donya was wearing a Chanel necklace and that their home is also located in the highlands of Cebu.

The video also showed some of the friends or visitors of the donya were also trying to talk to Alison.

A report from SunStar revealed that the donya has already filed a complaint against "Marjorie Abasbas" at the Mabolo Police Station for alarms and scandal.

She was advised by the police station to bring her complaint to Brgy. Babag in Cebu where the altercation happened.

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