Dani Barretto, nag-sorry sa mga sinabi tungkol sa ama: "I apologize if I don't remember him"

Dani Barretto was interviewed by GMA News and was asked about the controversy involving her birthdays with her father Kier Legaspi.

This came after photos of her second birthday went viral, and which, according to the anonymous source of GMA, he or she could not stand that Dani said she could not remember birthdays with her father.

Dani said that she apologized for having said such, but she could not really remember.

"I apologize if I don't remember him being at my 2nd birthday party... I honestly don't even remember having a 2nd or a 3rd birthday party. For that, I apologize," said Dani humbly.

Kier also defended his daughter and said that it really is possible for Dani not to remember because at the time, she was just two years old.

Dani previously said that she was not able to speak with her father for seven years.

Aside from that, she also admitted that her self-esteem was affected whenever she would hear people tell her that she does not look like a "Barretto."

Dani Barretto is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto with Kier Legaspi. She is a vlogger and a very good ate of Julia Barretto. She is already married and has one child.

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