Hazel Edep, umalma sa voice recording; hindi pumayag i-play ito sa RTIA

Angelito Martin recorded the conversation that they had with Hazel Edep.

They forwarded a copy to the RTIA and before airing, Raffy Tulfo sought the consent of Hazel.

The Tiktoker however, would not allow such to be aired online.

She questioned the length of the recording and insinuated that it was edited, which the other party also denied.

After seeking the advice of a lawyer, Hazel plans to file a case against Angelito's camp.

The lawyer stated that the act of recording a conversation without the consent of all parties violates the law.

The dissemination of such recording likewise is prohibited.

Little is known about Hazel Edep, the social media influencer who is now in the center of a controversy involving her cellphone and the alleged extortion attempt on her. There is no available information online about her age and other personal details.

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