Raffy Tulfo, dinepensahan ang babaeng attorney na kinuha sa RTIA

Raffy Tulfo responded to his viewers who bashed and criticized Attorney Sam Ferrer, the lawyer advising him on the case involving the food supplier who was not fully paid by her customer in Cebu.

Those viewers slammed Atty. Ferrer for supposedly being too tense and inexperienced during her appearance on Tulfo’s show.

According to Tulfo, his viewers should not bash the lawyer because it is normal for a person to be nervous and tense during his or her first appearance on television.

He shared that he was also bashed for the same things when he first worked as a reporter. The journalist revealed that even some of his family members criticized his work at first.

For these reasons, Tulfo urged his audience to be patient with Atty. Ferrer and to give her a chance to prove herself. He explained that Atty. Ferrer is a top lawyer who graduated from San Beda.

As for his son-in-law, Atty. Garreth Tungol, who is usually the one who handles cases on the program, Tulfo said that he could not be on the show all the time because he is busy with a lot of ongoing cases.

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