Cebu donya, umapela sa mga netizens, 'wag na raw siyang i-bash: "Ako ang biktima"

Maria Amy Hofilña could not just take it anymore. She has been the center of discussion in many social media platforms and has also been subjected to a lot of ridicule after Marjorie Abastas, the food supplier, uploaded the video online and took the case to Raffy Tulfo.

In one interview, Hofilña made an appeal to stop bashing her. There have already been so many memes that were published online.

According to Hofilña, netizens must be responsible when it comes to their activities on social media.

She also requested netizens to stop criticizing nor making fun of her.

She also said that she will file charges against those who keep on bashing her.

Maria also said that she is the victim in the whole incident.

Her statements elicited various reactions from the online community.

Maria Amy Hofilña is a Cebu socialite. She became the center of controversy after Marjorie Abastas took a video of Hofs as she was trying to ask for payment from the latter. The food supplier also brought the matter to Raffy Tulfo in Action.

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