Ellen Adarna, walang arte sa katawan; kumakain habang nakaupo sa sahig

Ellen Adarna, in a video posted on Derek Ramsay’s IG Stories, showed everyone that she is not fastidious as others would like to paint her.

In that particular video, her son, Elias Modesto, is seen walking to and fro in the foreground while Ellen can also be seen in the background, sitting on the floor while eating.

The actress was using one of her son’s small chairs as her table.

The video indicates that Ellen is devoid of any pretentions as what others think about her.

Such criticisms came about in light of the “walkout issue” where the actress is alleged to have done while on the set of the TV sitcom, “John en Ellen.”

The actress allegedly said that she would have to leave the set at 12 noon as she has someplace to go.

Around 1 p.m., Ellen is said to have unceremoniously packed her belongings and left the set.

Critics claim “unprofessionalism” as she still has some parts to shoot along with other actors who were there for that particular shoot.

Her co-star, John Estrada, denied Ellen walked out the set. As for the actress, in a reply to a netizen’s comment, said that her priority is her “health and safety.”

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