Heart Evangelista, ipinakita ang nanginginig na mga kamay dahil sa anxiety

Heart Evangelista took to her Instagram Stories and shared a short video clip of her shaking hands.

She revealed that it was because of anxiety, particularly an effect of the condition. According to Heart, anxiety sucks and shaking is a "usual effect."

Because of her anxiety, she was just lying on the bed and was alone in the room. Her well-manicured nails would show the degree of the tremors that she was feeling.

Shaking is an involuntary action and the actress just happens to experience it as she was having anxiety at that precise moment.

Recently, the actress had a photoshoot abroad with Incubus singer Brandon Boyd. Heart described the moment of meeting the international artist as magical.

Their photo, where she was piggyback riding on Brandon became viral.

The two also shared their love for the arts and did some painting activities together. Heart has always loved to paint and would even paint her Hermes bags.

Heart Evangelista is one of the famous showbiz personalities in the Philippines. She is also a fashion icon and is known for her impeccable taste when it comes to clothing. She is currently married to Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero.

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