Maria Hoffs at Marjorie Abastas, nagkabati na; issue ng lechon package, tinuldukan na

Maria Amy Holfiña, more popularly known as Maria Hoffs, and Marjorie Abastas, the two parties involved in the viral lechon package video have finally patched things up.

As per The Freeman, they reached an amicable settlement, thanks to the efforts and the assistance of the barangay chairman of Brgy. Santo Niño, Cebu City.

Brgy. Capt. Lourdes Lulu Ramirez handled the meeting between the two parties and their second one was very fruitful.

According to the daughter of Brgy. Capt. Ramirez, "nothing is better than forgiveness and reconciliation."

"Everybody happy!" posted Pancho, the son of Ramirez, who was also a former barangay captain.

Here's the full post of Pancho:

"Good news people! Good to know! Maria Hofs and Marjorie finally and officially came up with amicable settlement during there second talks today handled by my very own mother Mommy Kap Lourdes Lulu Ramirez Ramirez in Brgy Sr. Santo Niño Barangay Hall. Magpa picture napud ko ni Maria og ni Marjorie! Haha Nice one! Nothing is better than FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION! ❤❤ Everybody happy!"

Maria Amy Holfiña is a Cebu socialite. She became the center of controversy after Marjorie Abastas took a video of Hofs as she was trying to ask for payment from the latter. The food supplier also brought the matter to Raffy Tulfo in Action.

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