Marjorie Abastas, nawindang sa pagpasok ng sobrang daming orders: "Fully-booked na"

It might have been a blessing in disguise after all. The altercation between Madame Maria Hoffs and Marjorie Abastas over the viral lechon package has brought some good news to Marj, and hopefully to Maria too.

Marjorie is now receiving orders, which may already be more than what she asked or hoped for.

The orders may be overwhelming since she took the time to give notice to everyone on Facebook about the orders that she receives.

"Naa pajud me sa stage nga nag adjust pami sa sitwasyon we hope tagaan me ninyu konsiderasyon ug taas nga pagsabot costumers.. daghan salamat kaayu.. karon pajud tawn me nahuman sa tanan namong orders. (Nasa stage pa po kami ng adjustment. Sana mabigyan niyo kami ng consideration at pag-iintindi. Maraming salamat po. Ngayon pa po namin matatapos lahat ng orders.)"

She also apologized to those who can no longer be accommodated since they are already fully booked until the 9th.

With Marjorie's story, blessings surely come in situations that you least expect.

Marjorie Abastas is a food caterer based in Cebu. She became viral after she tried to ask for payment from Maria Amy Hofilña, and their argument was captured in video.

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