Mga larawan ng pagkikita ni Madame Hoffs at Marjorie Abastas sa barangay, viral na

The Facebook page Nel Adventures posted photos of the meeting of Marjorie Abastas and Madame Maria Hoffs, the two parties involved in the viral lechon package video.

There were two photos taken by Zeus Chivastian and uploaded on Nelvan Adventure's page; and they showed both the food supplier and the Cebu donya facing each other in feont of the barangay chairman of Brgy. Sto. Nino.

It can be recalled that Maria Hoffs and Marjorie had an altercation over an alleged unpaid food.

Marjorie went to the house of Hoffs and asked for the balance of the delivered lechon package.

The video of the altercation has gone viral and it brought both Madame Hoffs and Marjorie to popularity.

"Karon adlawa nagkitagbo sa opisina ni Kapitan Lourdes Ramirez sa Barangay Santo Niño ang kampo ni Maria Hofs ug ang kampo ni Marjorie Abastas kalabot sa na trending sa social media mga ka-Aning

ctto Zeus Chivastian"

Maria Amy Hofilña is a Cebu socialite. She became the center of controversy after Marjorie Abastas took a video of Hofs as she was trying to ask for payment from the latter. The food supplier also brought the matter to Raffy Tulfo in Action.

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