Video ng nakaka-touch na pagtrato ng amo sa isang domestic helper, viral na

In this day and age, working in a different country while being employed under the care of a good employer or family is considered to be a huge blessing.

Just recently, the story of a Filipina being taken care of by her employer has touched the hearts of countless netizens on social media.

On Facebook, user Ashlyn Guiapar Mato posted a viral TikTok video of a man who is serving not just his kids, but their caretaker as well.

In her viral Facebook post, which already garnered over 41,000, Mato wrote, "Masha Allah ganito amo ko sakin. Swerte mo pag ganito amo mo."

The video, which she reposted, was that from TikTok user, @hamad66677, who frequently showcases several recipes he has been cooking.

According to one netizen in Mato's post, the man is said to be a chef which is why he is able to cook several delicious dishes for his family and helpers.

Needless to say, his helpers are certainly in good hands as he frequently takes care of them, serving them good food which he often shares on social media.

Watch the video below:

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