Mga lalaking nagpatibok sa puso ni Noemi Tesorero aka Mahal

Mahal, whose real name is Noemi Tesorero, was among the well-loved comediennes in the country. That is why the news about her death was a complete shock to many.

Aside from her infectious laugh and three-foot height, Mahal was also known for having a colorful love life. Ever since she made a name in showbiz, her love life intermittently became the subject of intrigue.

1. Jimboy Salazar

Singer Jimboy Salazar was a member of the GMA show "That's Entertainment" when he dated the comedienne in the 90s. Jimboy later came out as homosexual. Unfortunately, Jimboy died due to pneumonia in 2015 at the age 45, ABS-CBN News reported.

2. Aries Navarro

Mahal used to date a single dad and aspiring actor named Aries Navarro. According to Rappler, the comedienne and Aries’ relationship began in 2013. However, they broke up after two years.

3. Jobbie Hebrio

In 2015’s All Souls’ Day, Mahal married her non-showbiz boyfriend Jobbie Hebrio in a civil wedding ceremony at the Quezon City hall. Jobbie was 25 while Mahal was 40 when they tied the knot, as noted. In 2020, Mahal announced that they had separated.

4. Jess Dabalos

Mahal was also romantically linked to a guy named Jess Dabalos. This, after their TikTok videos together made the rounds on social media in early 2020. However, neither Mahal nor Jess confirmed the real score between them.

5. Mygz Molino

Mahal’s last rumored boyfriend was Mygz Molino. The two reportedly lived together and had constant presence on each other's YouTube channels. In an article by Rappler, Mygz said their relationship was purely platonic.

Mahal, born as Noemi Tesorero, is a Filipina comedienne and social media star. She starred in movies such as “Id'Nal (Mapusok)” (2012), “Kokey” (1997) and “Mr. Suave: Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!” (2003).

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